Kenneth Patrick Payne / Sculpture

The Alchemists crucible was a tool for the transformation of Prima Materia, the material from which all others are made. A material born of consciousness that when mastered could turn lead into gold.
Molten Iron is the manifestation of fire for me in my work, the god Ogun both a provider and destroyer.
To work with this element is to work with one of the vital forces of nature.
My goal or my job is to introduce one material to another to encourage their form but to stay out of the way of their intent.
Our environment is thick with the presence of spirits. They touch us with unseen hands and speak to us with unheard voices, yet their influence is strong and they presage our relationship to those who will come after us. Existence winds through time and space unbroken by life or death into infinity one thousand years of history held in one imperishable oak.